The smart way to treat myopia in children.

Together we can tackle myopia in children.

Parents concerned about their children’s health and well-being, who invest heavily in their kids’ futures, will be at the forefront of an already vast and growing market for myopia control lenses. As a non-invasive and effective myopia control solution, MiYOSMART lets you help parents and children ensure future vision health while continuing to tap into the market potential that fuels your business.

An award-winning, breakthrough ophthalmic lens.

Through their researches3-5 on myopic defocus theory, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) found that myopia can be controlled by simultaneously providing clear vision and constant myopic defocus.

The researchers found that the axial length of the eyeball is affected by the position of an image projected in relation to the retina. When the position of a welldefined portion of the projected image is located continuously in front of the retina, the axial length tends to become shorter and vice versa. Thus, this indicates that projecting images in front and on the retina at the same time can control axial growth and myopia progression.

Tapping into PolyU’s expertise in myopia control, HOYA joined forces with them in 2012 and began to develop a technology to control myopia progression using ophthalmic lenses.

This technology is known as the Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.), which is the basis of MiYOSMART.

An award-winning and clinically proven solution for myopia control.

MiYOSMART is a non-invasive lens engineered specifically to correct myopia and slows its progression.2 years of data shows a 60% slowdown of myopia progression on average—myopia progression (SER) slowed by 59% and axial elongation (AL) decreased by 60% compared with those wearing single vision lenses. Myopia progression was completely stopped in 21.5% of those wearing MiYOSMART. The 2 year randomized controlled trial involved 160 children aged 8 to 13.6MiYOSMART is a non-invasive lens engineered specifically to correct myopia and slows its progression.In 2018, the MiYOSMART lens won the Gold Prize, Grand Award & Special Gold Award Int’l Exhibition of Inventions, International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland. In 2020, it won Silmo d’Or Award in the Vision category at the Silmo Paris Optical Fair.

A patented technology for your young patients.

D.I.M.S. technology slows down myopia progression on average by 60% and proven MiYOSMART comes with an easy-to-wipe special anti-reflective, to halt myopia progression in 21.5% of children through controlling eye growth.6

MiYOSMART with D.I.M.S. technology is a single vision corrective lens with a front surface that is comprised of hundreds of small segments, each providing myopic defocus. When the eye sees through a pupil-sized area, shown in the illustration below, there is a defocus zone in the eye.

This lens structure makes it possible to simultaneously slow the growth of the eyeball and provide clear vision. Within the 9.4 mm diameter circle area in the center of the lens, there are no defocus segments. This is designed to make it possible to measure lens power and correct refractive error to meet clear vision needs.

How D.I.M.S technology works in MiYOSMART

To effectively control myopia progression, myopic defocus has to be experienced by the wearer constantly, even during eye movement. This requires a significant quantity of defocus segments to be evenly distributed on the lens surface. With its decades of experience in ophthalmic lens production and development, HOYA incorporated the D.I.M.S. technology and successfully produced smooth-surfaced lenses with multiple defocus segments. Due to the excellent concept and innovative production technology, MiYOSMART’s cosmetic appearance is highly similar to regular single vision lenses

With MiYOSMART’s features and your care, we can give children better vision and better protection.

Since children are active, there is a need for the lens material to be impact-resistant to offer their eyes the protection they need. MiYOSMART uses polycarbonate 1.59 which is a highly impact-resistant material that has passed the high velocity impact drop ball test.

Eye Shield also comes with UV protection for an all-round protective solution.

MiYOSMART comes with an easy-to-wipe special anti-reflective, coating to fit into any active child’s lifestyle.